PETE KELLY'S BLUES: The Complete 1951 Radio Scripts

PETE KELLY'S BLUES: The Complete 1951 Radio Scripts

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At first glance this series came across as more Dixieland music mixed with adventure and infinitely less crime drama than most radio programs that were promoted as crime capers. But jazz musician Pete Kelly frequently found himself facing personal danger as he attempted to thwart the plans of potential murderers, kidnappers, swindlers. The radio program lasted a mere 13 weeks during the summer of 1951, over NBC, as a Wednesday night sustainer. Jack Webb played the title role and was supported by a talented group of actors, writers and musicians. 

The radio program also spawned a short-lived television rendition, with Williams Reynolds in the lead, and a 1955 big screen movie starring and directed by Jack Webb.

While Jack Webb is remembered for playing the role of Joe Friday on DRAGNET, many critics who have heard the eight episodes known to exist in recorded form view the drama as "one of Webb's best shows."

Today, five episodes do not exist in recorded form so this book, reprinting all 13 radio scripts including the complete cast list and music cue sheets are a treasure for fans of the radio program. This book also includes a historical essay documenting the history of the series.


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